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Your competitive intelligence tool to dive deep into social media analytics

Competitor analysis and benchmarks

Perform a detailed competitor analysis to gain insights on industry trends and best practices.

Social media analytics and reports

Get the best social media dashboard to analyze your social media performance and gain a competitive advantage.

Posts tagging

Automatically tag social media posts based on keywords or topics. Get insights about different content pillars' performance and optimize your strategy based on the results.

Social media data integration

Leverage large social media data sets to add more value to your products and increase your business..

Make more strategic decisions with social media analytics

Measure social media performance with our analytics tools. Perform in-depth content analysis, get profile and post-level analytics, and competitor data.

Gain competitive edge
Tag Social Media Content
Track Social Media Campaigns
Get Analytics & Reports

All the analytics tools you need in one place

Get TikTok profile analytics
Increase Instagram engagement & Story insights
Grow your LinkedIn page with in-depth data
Visualize Facebook page data, and download presentation-ready reports
Track any Twitter profile and get top metrics
Analyze competitors on YouTube and get YouTube metrics
Outperform your competitors on social media

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